Done Right Auto Body Services

Done Right Auto Body offers numerous rebuilding, refinishing, and car care services. 

Our world-class facility offers state-of-the art equipment, affording our customers the finest technicians, tools, and technology available in the collision repair industry. At Done Right Auto Body, all of our equipment follows innovative standards and is continuously upgraded to meet the demands of the automobile industry.

Done Right Auto Body is a quality-minded body shop staffed by highly qualified personnel who utilize cutting edge technology in rebuilding and refinishing our clients' vehicles. Please feel free to look into the many services we offer.


Done Right Auto Body is staffed by technicians who are trained to replicate exacting factory standards to meet the level of sophistication found in today's automobiles. Our facility is proud to offer the expertise and equipment necessary to weld steel, aluminum and even plastic. Done Right Auto Body has numerous collision repair mechanisms and specialty tools that serve every conceivable application in the repair process.

Collison repair


When your vehicle sustains collision damage, we have the expertise to return your vehicle back to its manufacturer's specifications. We accomplish this by doing the following:

  • We strictly follow manufacturer's recommendations to restore vehicles back to their manufacturer's specifications.
  • We only use OEM parts.
  • We only invest in the most superior and sophisticated equipment.
  • Our technicians are well trained, well equipped and consistently updated on all of the new procedures accepted in the industry.

Auto Painting


Done Right Auto Body uses factory-approved materials. From small scratches to complete restorations, our facility invests in the resources in order to return your vehicle to its original finish and showroom condition. Our body shop is committed to using natural resources in an effort to protect our environment.  We recognize the importance of separating the paint environment from the contaminants that are indigenous to the auto body repair industry; that's why our paint department is located on the second floor of our facility.

Done Right Auto Body refinish personnel are highly skilled professionals, trained and assisted by factory representatives.  Our top-notch painters are up-to-date on the latest product advancements, helping to create a greener environment.

Paintless Dent Removal


Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) offers a legitimate alternative repair option. In the PDR mode, dents can sometimes be completely eliminated using special tools that allow us to work the metal from the (unpainted) underside. This process virtually eliminates expensive paint materials and paint labor charges.

If the paint on the vehicle has been damaged, PDR is not an option. Door dings, some hail damage, indentations caused by hands on trunk & hoods, etc., are PDR possibilities dependent on damage location and severity. At Charlie's, we often use PDR and conventional repairs on the same vehicle. This allows our technicians to speed up the repair process, reduce costs, and minimize the displacement of factory paint. Ask our staff if PDR is an option for your vehicle.

Auto Detailing


When all the repair and refinish work has been done to a customer's vehicle, Done Right Auto Body's detail department gets to work on the finishing touches. We are proud to say that our detail department is the envy of most detailing companies and we are outfitted with all the equipment, materials and personnel necessary to clean, vacuum, wash, wet-sand (if needed), buff and polish vehicles to perfection.

Done Right Auto Body offers a full array of professional detailing services. We conveniently offer in-house car rental services Please visit Done Right Auto Spa for a complete list of of our car care services.

Insurance Work


While your vehicle is at our shop, we can facilitate your claim directly with the insurance company. We understand that when you are involved in a car accident it may be a stressful situation, so we are committed in assisting you every step of the way.

We recognize that you may have many questions regarding the insurance claim process and our staff of trained professionals will be more than happy to answer any insurance questions you may have.

HOURS: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday – Friday • 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Saturday